Feb 262014

Greetings, programs!

Today´s update is going to be kinda short I´m afraid. Anyway, we´ve been starting to retopologize Jeff´s mesh last Monday, before Meikel came up with this fine visualization of the spacesuit´s fabric and its seam´s fashioning (see figure) in close-up.

I´m going to finally present “the” lightswitch-model next Monday, fingers crossed ;o)


See you next week, take care,


Feb 032012

looks like the pilot’s head is nearly finished. We will do some minor tweakings when we come to actually render the scenes and such. Eyebrows might need some color treatment and the skinshader’s waxyness may be reduced when the final lighting setup is done.
For now, the head is done and I can go on working on the storyboards…

Jan 272012

here we have the basic textures for the skin shader plus the shader node tree. The actual textures are all at 2k resolution except for the normal map which is at 4k resolution (not shown here). The shader node tree includes also a backscatter layer plus two specularity nodes.

I also tweaked the hair a bit. (no eyebrows and eyelashes yet)

Jan 252012

I added some basic default hair. No tweaks here. I will change the hair color a bit and make it more looking like hair. Moreover, the eyes needed some polish. Now they look a bit more life-like I’d say…

Jan 242012

The pilot wearing his blood/gore subdermal skin. This is the layer which is the bottom most one. The epidermal layer is above this subdermal one and then the diffuse layer is the third one. After that, two specular maps are added to account for different specularity features…

Jan 232012

Hey guys,

the diffuse texture of the pilot’s head is now done. There is no specularity since this is diffuse only. I added a little bit of normal map to it to give it a bit more depth. Color turns out to be okay as far as I can tell up to now.

Jan 152012

Here is a cut-out from the skinshader tests I am working on. It looks quite waxy but this is because I only used a single-color subdermal texture. Since I use the 3layer-sss-shader proposed by Ben Simonds the overall shader will become more skin-like with the upcoming texture layers.